Sockets, Plugs & Adaptors

Come Prepared to Island Paradise


Different countries operate with different electrical plugs, sockets and outlets. Fiji is no different. To avoid disappointment, always do your research ahead of departure or purchase a multi-outlet adaptor for a fuss-free island vacation.

Electricity in Fiji

Fiji operates on 240-volt electricity, generated at 50Hz.

Power outlets in Fiji are Type 1 with three pronged, angled configuration plugs, which are identical and compatible with devices from Australia and New Zealand.

Major resorts and hotels offers 110v or 240v outlets for appliances like hairdryers and shavers.  

Fluctuation in current and surges are common, especially in the remote outlying islands whereby electricity is run by a diesel generator. 

Type I Plugs & Sockets At-A-Glance

  • Where Used: Argentina, Australia, China, Fiji, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
  • Voltage: 220 -- 240 volts (Fiji is 240V)
  • AMPS: 10a (2 prongs) & 15a (3 prongs)
  • Adapters: Multiple available from World to Type I
  • Hertz: 50Hz

What’s Your Plug?

Each of the 15 types of plugs (and their outlets) are assigned an internationally recognised letter, A through O.

In order to find the correct adapter, you need to know the type of plug you have (by letter) and buy an adapter that converts it to Type I outlets.

For a full list of Plug/Outlet Types, the countries that use them and where they’re compatible, see photos and explanations at World Standards.

Do You Really Need to Bring It?

You can avoid the need for adapters if you leave non-essential appliances and devices at home. Many resorts and hotels in Fiji provide electrical gadgets to guests (like hair dryers, alarm clocks, irons) and business centres with computer/internet access. 

If you can’t live without your phone, tablet or laptop however, bring an adapter. Multi-purpose and world adapters are available from most major department stores, office suppliers, luggage shops and hardware stores. Find adapters online at Amazon or Korjo, an Australian based travel accessory company that ships products worldwide with adapter prices from AU$12.

Electrical Medical Devices

If you have an electrical medical device that relies on maintained motor speed, it may operate on a different Hertz frequency than 50Hz in Fiji. Check with your doctor or device supplier to see if it is suitable to use overseas with an adapter.

Find your flight

Fly to Fiji on the national flag carrier, Fiji Airways. Our modern aircraft are ready to jet you to Nadi, with connections to major destinations across Fiji's islands.