Best Times To Go

Anytime is a Good Time to Visit Fiji


Forget summer and winter. In Fiji, the only seasons are warm and warmer. Temperatures are balmy and fairly constant throughout the year, ranging between 26° to 31°C (77° to 88°F). Depending on your personal preferences and other external factors, the best time to visit tropical paradise can vary accordingly.

Low, Shoulder & High Seasons

Low Season
(Wet Season)

Expect the most rainfall and short tropical storms (or occasional cyclone) during these warm, wet and humid months.

Prices in airfares and accommodation will see a slight dip – making it a value-worthy time to travel to Fiji if you don’t mind the odd showers here and there.

Shoulder Season
May, October

Both periods are short shoulder seasons, during which you can visit Fiji without expecting a flock of fellow tourists. Resorts and popular tourist spots will feel less crowded and travel fares should be lower.

High Season

There’s plenty of sunshine and cool evening breezes during the dry months, making it the perfect time to visit Fiji.

These dates also coincide with school holidays in Australia and New Zealand, making it a busy period for travel amongst families. As a result, expect more crowds and children at the beach, resorts and at popular islands. Prices for airfares and accommodation will also see a slight increase during this period to meet the demand.

The ‘Best’ Time to Visit Fiji

For pleasant weather, cheaper prices, better deals and fewer crowds, the ‘best’ time to visit Fiji is from October to early November.

Coming right after the peak time, this period signals the start of the rainy season however, weather is still relatively dry and temperatures remain warm. It’s also right before the summer season and Christmas rush, meaning resorts and tourist spots are less crowded and travel costs haven’t yet skyrocketed.

When’s the Best Time for YOU?

Ultimately, the ‘perfect travel period’ may vary from traveller to traveller. Here we’ve listed a guide on ideal travel dates according to different needs and preferences, so you can maximise your trip to island paradise. Planning your itinerary and dates has never been easier!
Families with School-Aged Children
Best Times to Go:
July-September, December-January

This is one of the most popular times for families with children to visit, as the weather in Fiji is most pleasant and school holidays are in full swing for Australia and New Zealand. Also ideal for Northern Hemisphere travellers who have summer vacations between July-September.

Budget Travellers
Best Times to Go:

Flights and accommodation in Fiji will be comparatively cheaper during the off peak and shoulder seasons from October-April. This is when Fiji has most of its rain and so you may find a lot of special deals on offer. However, this period of time coincides with typhoon season so travellers need to prepare for the potential occurrence of cyclones.

Divers & Water Sports Enthusiasts
Best Times to Go:
May or October

During the two shoulder seasons of May or October, coastal waters in Fiji are clear and sparkling, offering the best visibility underwater. Water temperatures are also constant and warm, at 27°C (80°F) year-round.

Festival Lovers
Best Times to Go:
July, August or October

Fiji offers several events and festivals throughout the calendar year to celebrate the nation’s cultural and religious diversity.

Join in on the fun and time your travels to match one of these events. Head to Fiji in July for the week-long Bula Festival, August for the major Hibiscus Festival or October for Diwali Festival of Lights and national Fiji Day.

Romantic Lovebirds
Best Times to Go:
March or October

October sees a lot of honeymooners in Fiji because it’s hot but not too sultry. An ideal tropical holiday month or March when far fewer families with kids visit. Flowers and frangipani trees are in full bloom releasing their luscious fragrances in afternoon tropical showers.

Tennis Fans & Golfers
Best Times to Go:

Don’t miss Fiji’s Open Tennis Championships, which occurs each year in May at Denarau Golf and Racquet Club. Also ideal temperatures to walk the links with low chance of rain.

Best Times to Go:

From July-September (before the heat sets in), adventurous travellers can enjoy mountain biking, trail hiking and island exploring. Tour groups tend to organise adventure escapes during these months too.

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