Lomaiviti Group Islands

Enjoy the Unhurried Pace of Old Fiji


Off the grid and laidback, the Lomaiviti group of islands make for the perfect destination to retreat and reclaim control over your time – Fiji style!

Situated off the eastern coast of Viti Levu is where you’ll find a group of rustic islands, known as the Lomaiviti archipelago. Passed over by the majority of tourists, these islands are the key to unlocking the secrets behind Fiji’s rich, colonial history. Stop by Ovalau, the main island in the group and take a walk through Fiji’s past via principle city Levuka, the country’s first capital during European settlement. Enjoy the rest of your getaway in the nearby coral islands and bask in the relaxed island vibes on secluded sandy beaches or underwater where you’ll swim with some of South Pacific’s most colourful marine life. Land or sea, there’s no better place to get away from it all.

A town of many first

In the nineteenth century, the island of Ovalau was the centre of European trade before eventually becoming Fiji’s first capital from 1874 to 1882. As a result, Levuka is the site of many firsts for Fiji, from the bank to the hospital and even the local newspaper. Levuka Historical Port Town is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit for travellers heading to the Lomaiviti group.


Highlights of the Lomaiviti Group Islands

Despite its isolation, the Lomaiviti group is a history buff’s paradise featuring a number of local landmarks, particularly on the large island of Ovalau, that characterises and brings to life the history of Fiji. Even if history isn’t your beat, there’s a host of other activities and attractions on the islands to keep every traveller satisfied.

Levuka Town, Ovalau Island

There’s no better place to get a taste of South Pacific history than Levuka Town on Ovalau Island, one of the few regions in Fiji to retain its colonial buildings. Take a leisurely stroll down the main street to shop from local stalls and to visit all the listed historic buildings including the Royal Hotel and the Masonic Lodge – both landmarks being the oldest in the South Pacific. While they might not look like much, the Masonic Lodge ruins have a colourful history. Built in the Romanesque style of architecture in 1875, Methodist villagers burned it to the ground during the 2000 coup, alleging that the Masons were devil-worshippers.


Lovoni Village Visit, Ovalau Island

For a truly authentic and memorable experience, book a guided hiking tour to Lovoni Village, to visit Ovalau’s cultural beating heart. Nestled in the centre of an extinct volcanic crater, this Fijian village is lush with vegetation and history, and also home to the Lovoni villagers. Boasting a proud history, Lovoni Village is signified by its landmarks such as the chiefs’ burial site and the Korolevu Hill fortification. Meet the chief of the village (after presenting a sevusevu or gift), immerse yourself in the history of Fiji and enjoy a lunch of traditional Fijian food and drink.


Spa Pamper on a Private Island, Wakaya Island

If you’re looking for an indulgent spa pamper, look no further than Wakaya Club & Spa. Located on a private island that’s surrounded by pristine coral reefs, azure blue lagoons and magnificent cliffs, guests can indulge in their own unspoiled corner of the South Pacific and experience privacy and perfection at its best. Breeze, the Wakaya Spa, is a world class retreat designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Take your pick from a wide array of treatments and massages, and prepare to enter heaven on earth.

More Things to Do in the Lomaiviti Group Islands


Night Snorkeling

Fiji might be the soft coral capital of the world and it’s true you can experience a lot of the underwater wonders in the day. But to appreciate the sheer beauty of the Lomaiviti Ggroup, you need to try night snorkelling. The animals that come out to play at night include the lionfish, flatworms and shrimp, along with more majestic manta rays and hammerhead sharks. Most night snorkelling and diving trips in the region are offered by liveaboard operators such as Siren Fleet – take your pick from a wide range of 10-night itineraries.


Turtle Calling at Nacamaki Village, Koro Island

Koro is a volcanic island situated in the Lomaiviti archipelago, with its very own airstrip. Turtles have long been recognised as sacred ancestral gods to the people of Nacamaki Village in Koro, and this is now one of the few destinations in Fiji where visitors can partake in the special turtle calling ritual. To witness this remarkable phenomenon for yourself, organise a village visit with local guides or your resort.


Moturiki Island

Lying southwest of Ovalau is where you’ll find a lush, hilly island called Moturiki, inhabited by 2000 local Fijians in 10 villages. Whilst there is no accommodation for travellers, a day trip to Motoriki via Leleuvia Island Resort is a worthwhile venture, especially for history buffs. Important archaeological discoveries were made on this very island, including the earliest Lapita sites as well as the oldest human skeleton found in Fiji, dating about 3000 years.

Where to Stay in the Lomaiviti Group Islands

The majority of accommodation options in the Lomaiviti Group are located on the main island of Ovalau and aimed towards the budget-conscious traveller with lodges, B&Bs, homestays and hostels featuring prominently.
Budget (Cheap)
New Mavida Lodge

Ovalau Island

Silana Eco Lodge

Ovalau Island

Levuka Homestay

Ovalau Island

Leleuvia Island Resort

Leleuvia Island

Wakaya Club and Spa

Wakaya Island

Food & Drink in the Lomaiviti Group Islands

Most resorts in the Lomaiviti Group provide Meal Plans for guests, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you can also find a selection of restaurants, bars and clubs in Levuka, on Ovalau Island. As the first modern European settlement in Fiji, the cuisine in Ovalau tends to be European dominated. But don’t judge it before you try; the Fijian influence is still very much alive and present.

Hot Spots for Popular Dining

Horizon Restaurant, Levuka

You might expect a European restaurant in Levuka to be fairly safe, taste buds-wise. But this is an adventurous eatery with its famed pizzas that you’ll either love or hate. If that doesn’t deter you, try the most controversial option – the tuna pizza since it is fresh from the cannery next-door. Which camp will you fall in?

Kim’s Paak Kum Loong Wine & Dine, Levuka

Kim’s Paak Kum Loong serves up a delicious array of Cantonese food, with the stunning Levuka Harbour as the picturesque backdrop. The five-spice chicken is to die for along with mighty fresh fish and prawns. To say this is an international venue is an understatement, with Fijian chief portraits hanging adjacent to Fijian rugby star photographs, all in the ambience of American country music.

Whale’s Tale Restaurant, Levuka

Situated right next to the beach (literally on Beach Street), Levuka loves this quaint eatery the best. The fish and chips will please all in its classic style but don’t be afraid to go past the prawns sourced from the nearby river and top it all off with some delicious cassava cakes.

Koro Makawa Club & The Ovalau Club, Levuka

For nightlife fun, Levuka is where you’ll find the buzz and action. The Koro Makawa Club is the more affordable option with cheap drinks and a welcoming atmosphere for both locals and foreigners alike. The Ovalau Club is the more upscale option, located on prime real estate next to the Town Hall and Masonic Lodge Ruins, and is the oldest club in the South Pacific.

How to Get to & Around Lomaiviti Group Islands

From Nadi - If you are travelling to Koro Island in the Lomaiviti Group, Fiji Link offers direct domestic flights from Nadi. Alternatively, to reach the other islands of Lomaiviti, the easiest way is to go via Fiji’s capital, Suva. Upon arrival in Nadi, there are several ways to travel to Suva including airport shuttles, taxis and local buses.

Domestic Flights
Fiji Link is the official domestic carrier of Fiji, offering cheap domestic flights to 12 exciting destinations including Suva.
Airport Shuttles
Airport Shuttle Fiji operate a 24-hour transfer service between Nadi International Airport and Suva. Airport transfer rates start at FJ$ 228 for one way and FJ$ 410 for return trips.
Yellow Taxis are the official airport taxi fleet and can be found outside the arrivals terminal. The starting rate for any journey out of the Nadi International Airport is FJ $5 and a ride to Suva will fare around FJ $200.
Local buses
Local bus services operate outside the Airport International Arrivals terminal into Nadi - simply flag one down. For longer journeys across the mainland (Viti Levu), choose from either Pacific Transport or Sunbeam Fiji, each offering about a dozen trips a day, with frequent schedules to Suva and along the coast.

From Suva - Once you’ve arrived in Suva, the next stop is to get to Levuka in Ovalau, the main island of the Lomaiviti Group.

Domestic Flights
Regional flights to Bureta Airport in Levuka is available from Suva at Nausori Airport via Fiji Link.
Bus/Ferry Transfers
The longer but more enjoyable and sight-seeing filled option is to catch the bus and then ferry from Suva to Levuka run by Patterson Brothers Shipping Company. Daily service leaves Suva by 1:30pm, arriving in Levuka at around 6pm (except Sundays). You can contact Patterson Brothers for schedules and bookings on patterson@connect.com.fj and +679 331 5644 or visit their office in Nina Street, Suva to purchase your tickets. Rates start from FJD $35 for one way journeys.

From Levuka, Ovalau Island - Upon arrival at Bureta Airport, there are several ways to get to and around Levuka Town including airport shuttles, taxis, local buses and speedboat transfers.

Airport Shuttles
There is a shuttle service from the airstrip to Levuka if you’re after an affordable transport option.
Once at Levuka Airstrip, you can catch a 30-minute taxi ride around the island to Levuka town.
Local Buses
There is one road that circles Ovalau island and one bus service, which runs daily from the west of Ovalau to Levuka.
Boat Transfers
To visit the other islands of Lomaiviti, you can arrange speedboat transfers. Some resorts may also offer complimentary resort transfers and connection services, so be sure to check when booking.

Practical Travel Tips for the Lomaiviti Group Islands

Stores and Supplies

Like most islands that aren't Viti Levu, the Lomaiviti Group Islands have few stores, especially outside Levuka, and the stores they do have are considerably more expensive. Before leaving Nadi, be sure to stock up on essentials such as snacks, sunscreen and insect repellent to ensure you are not left wanting.

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