Endless Rays of Sunshine All Year Long


Allow Fiji’s Suncoast, the land of eternal sunshine, to redefine your next beachside getaway.

Located along the western and northern coast of the main island, rich with sugar-cane fields, rushing waterfalls, traditional villages and quaint market towns – Fiji’s Suncoast encapsulates rural living and raw beauty at its finest. Take in the magnificent scenery of Rakiraki, scuba dive the colourful Bligh Waters or venture offshore to bunk down on some of the scalloped bays and white sandy beaches of Nananu-i-Ra Island. Complete with endless sunny days, sparkling blue skies and signature world-class diving spots, Fiji’s Suncoast will have you chasing the sun literally, for days with no end.

The Soft Coral Capital of the World

That’s a phrase you might have heard used to describe Fiji as a whole. But it’s the Suncoast that really puts Fiji on the map as a premier diving destination. The Bligh Waters off the coast of Rakiraki are filled with rainbow coral, nudibranchs and even the odd shark or two. Thanks to the concerted effort of locals and dive operators alike, protection and conservation of these reefs enables all tourists to bask in the wonders of this tropical oasis.

Highlights of Suncoast

Although you might expect most of the activities to be water-based, the Suncoast still has plenty on offer for people who prefer to keep their two feet on dryland. From tapa-making classes to iconic cultural monuments, the Suncoast will enrapture and entrance you with its variety and diversity.

Scuba Dive the Bligh Waters

For diving enthusiasts, there is only one way to truly experience the magic of Fiji’s underwater world – with a liveaboard diving trip. The Siren Fleet Liveaboard Safaris depart from the Volivoli Beach Resort with expert crew that takes you to the best dive sites at Bligh Waters and beyond. Prepare to be wowed by the swathes of colourful soft corals and the diversity of marine species that adorn these reefs, whether it’s pelagic fish, blue ribbon eels, sharks or mantas. Spend 7 or 10 nights to explore Fiji’s aquatic world to its fullest – it’ll be your most exhilarating dive yet.


Narara Waterslide Tour

The Narara Waterslide tour takes you to a hidden inland gem, the directions to which are only known to the Narara Village locals.  After a traditional kava ceremony, the villagers will guide you to a picturesque waterfall where you can cool down with a refreshing dip. The waterslide itself is completely natural, carved into the rock by the rushing water. It might be a bit bumpy but how many can say they rode a natural waterslide! Honeymooners will love the pool at the end – it’s heart-shaped. This tour is primarily arranged via resorts in the region, including Wananavu Beach Resort, so check with your Suncoast accommodation for details.


Tapa-Making Class

Tapa is a type of cloth made from the inner bark of specially cultivated paper mulberry trees, and is synonymous with the islands of the South Pacific and Fijian culture. If handicraft is right up your alley, then you’ll want to book into a tapa-making class during your visit to the Suncoast. Local villagers are only too happy to share the secrets behind this ancient art. At the end of it all, you’ll have your very own piece of tapa. How’s that for an authentic souvenir! Resorts in the region including Dolphin Island offer tapa-making workshops and classes for guests, so check with your Suncoast accommodation for details.

More Things to Do in Suncoast


Church of the Black Christ

The Church of St Francis Xavier is better known by its other name due to the mural above the altar of a Fijian Christ figure. Created by French artist Jean Charlot, the mural is a testament to the unique blend of Christian and Fijian beliefs of the local people. Masi cloth and breadfruit leaves sit astride symbols of the Eucharist. Don’t forget to leave a small donation, the proceeds of which are used for church maintenance including this one-of-a-kind artwork.


Tomb of Ratu Udre Udre

Visiting this tomb is a must-do for anyone looking to learn more about the history of Fiji. Ratu Udre Udre was a tribal chief in the 1800s and, more notoriously, Fiji’s last known cannibal. The 872 stones that you will see surrounding his tomb represent each of his human dinners. It is said that any body part he didn’t eat, he preserved to be eaten later. Ask your guide for more stories about this larger-than-life character – they’re guaranteed to make your skin crawl.


Water Sports Galore on Nananu-i-Ra Island

Water sports enthusiasts will love the pristine remote island of Nanaru-i-Ra, just a short boat ride away from Rakiraki. With aquatic activities of every kind on offer, including snorkelling, sailing, diving, stand up paddling and fishing, the hardest decision every day will be picking which one to try first. For something new and exciting, give windsurfing and kiteboarding a go. The island is renowned as a wind sports paradise, boasting offshore reefs and consistent trade winds. Safari Lodge runs lessons including equipment hire, and will have all your water recreational needs covered.

Where to Stay in Suncoast

The Suncoast offers an interesting mix of accommodation. If you choose to stay on the mainland, Viti Levu, you’ll be pampered to the max at five-star resorts. If you head out to Nananu-i-ra Island off the coast, you’ll find homestays, B&Bs and hostels catering to diving enthusiasts. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Food & Drink in Suncoast

There are few stand-alone restaurants and bars in Suncoast, with most resorts offering Meal Plans for guests, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, these resorts do take walk-in guests for all meals of the day. Needless to say, seafood is the perennial favourite of the region’s restaurants so be sure to take full advantage of it.

Hot Spots for Popular Dining

Wananavu Beach Resort Restaurant

Take in panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean at this open air deck restaurant, which serves up a range of local and international cuisines. Immerse yourself in an authentic Fijian dining experience on Lovo Night, whereby food is wrapped in banana leaves and cooked underground. Accompanied by traditional song and dance, this is one unmissable dining experience to tick off.

Pacifika Senikai Restaurant, Tanoa Rakiraki Hotel

Specialising in brasserie cuisine with an Indo-Fijian twist, Pacifika is loved for its commitment to organic produce that is grown on site. The authentic Indian dishes are a testament to the locals, many of whom have Indian ancestors, who preserve the traditional methods of cooking for generations.

Nuku Bar and Restaurant, Volivoli Beach Resort

Looking out over the Bligh Waters and the Volivoli Beach Resort pool, seafood is what comes to mind when one thinks of Nuku. The signature Fijian dish has to be the Ika Vaka Lolo which is Spanish Mackerel poached in coconut lolo sauce. The best part? If you’ve been out on a fishing charter, the restaurant offers to cook your catch to perfection.

Cannibal Bar, Golden Point Resort

For fresh seafood and exotic cocktails, add Cannibal Bar to your food itinerary. This casual eatery is affordable and constantly buzzing with relaxed vibes, ideal if you’re travelling with a group of friends. They also cater for special functions and events, so if there’s a celebration in sight, make it happen at Cannibal Bar.

How to Get to & Around Suncoast

From Nadi - There are several ways to get to and around the Suncoast upon arrival at Nadi International Airport, including airport shuttles, third party transfers, taxis, rental cars and bus.

Some hotels in the Suncoast may also offer complimentary resort transfers and connection services from Nadi, so be sure to check when booking.

Airport Shuttles Flights
Airport Shuttle Fiji operate a 24-hour transfer service between Nadi International Airport and resorts in the Suncoast. Airport transfer rates start at FJ$ 184 for one way and FJ$ 331 for return trips.
Third-Party Transfers
There are a number of reputable ground transportation providers that operate transfers from Nadi to the Suncoast, ideal for groups. Check out Pehicle Tours or Suncoast Taxi & Tours.
Yellow Taxis are the official airport taxi fleet and can be found outside the arrivals terminal. The starting rate for any journey out of the Nadi International Airport is FJ $5 and a ride to Rakiraki in the Suncoast will fare around FJ $160.
Car Hire
Explore Fiji’s scenic Suncoast by driving yourself. A number of international car hire companies (Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty) have desks at Nadi International Airport where you can arrange a rental before you head to your accommodation. All operators have online advance booking with options to pick up and drop off vehicles at different locations.
Local buses
The most economical option of the lot, buses run frequently between Nadi and the Suncoast. Check Sunbeam Transport for departure times. Note that since the roads tend to be unsealed on King’s Highway, the Suncoast buses are non-air-conditioned and the ride can be slightly bumpy.

Practical Travel Tips for Suncoast

Stay Safe

Currents and rips can occur unexpectedly while swimming and snorkelling in the coral reefs. Ensure you always swim with one other person or with a guided tour group.

Watch the Weather

If you love kitesurfing or wind boarding, it’s best to go to Fiji during the dry season, between April to September. Although, don’t be dissuaded by the wet season as rainfall during this period of time is quite sporadic and the weather/ocean temperatures remain warm.

Village Etiquette

When visiting a local village, ensure you remove your hat and sunglasses. Only the chief is allowed to wear such items and failure to remove these articles will be taken as a sign of disrespect.

Find your flight

Fly to Fiji on the national flag carrier, Fiji Airways. Our modern aircraft are ready to jet you to Nadi, with connections to major destinations across Fiji's islands.