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Whether you’re craving a cultural odyssey, an adrenaline-pumping adventure or just want to relax on a hammock with a fresh coconut, Fiji has it all and more.

An archipelago made up of more than 300 islands, Fiji offers an impressive array of exciting things to do and scenic sights to see.

History buffs will revel in the colonial architecture of Fiji’s old towns, cultural aficionados won’t want to miss out on traditional village visits, adrenaline addicts will yearn for the action-packed side of Fiji, while avid divers will no doubt find their paradise in the magical underwater world of Fiji’s brightly coloured coral reefs.

Take a journey off the well-trodden route and you’ll discover even more hidden gems than you could’ve possibly imagined.

Relaxing Experiences

Fiji is the ultimate escape if you’re looking to relax and get pampered. Hop on board a boat for scenic day trips that take you from one picturesque island to the next. Enjoy a leisurely round of golf while staring out to sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. Indulge in an outdoor massage by the beach, where you can lie back and let the waters wash away any lingering stress. No matter which path you take, Fiji will be the paradise your body and soul is yearning for.

Island Hopping


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Fiji Cultural Immersion

Adventure Activities

On top of scenic beaches and dreamy resorts, Fiji also offers a wide range of action-packed adventure activities, bound to please all the adrenaline junkies out there.
Whether you are white water rafting through narrow volcanic gorges, sky diving at 200km/hour or swimming with the ocean’s most fearsome predators; if your heart stops racing in Fiji, you aren’t doing it right!




Jet Skiing

River Rafting

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Banana Boat Rides

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Water Parks

Nature & Scenic Experiences

When in Fiji, no matter where you turn, no sight is ever short of spectacular. From sugar white sandy beaches, to isolated waterfalls, tranquil gardens and lush rainforests, the natural beauty of Fiji is second to none. Commonly regarded as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, Fiji’s true gem lies in its underwater world. Plunge deep into the divine waters to swim with flourishing marine life amongst blossoming reefs in a kaleidoscope of colours.


Parks & Gardens

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Wildlife Parks



Cultural Experiences

Beyond scenic landscapes and remarkable natural wonders, Fiji is a nation defined by a rich cultural heritage stemmed from ancient myths, mixed ethnicity and traditional customs. With an island history that’s been shaped over 35 centuries and the continuing reverence for tradition, all visitors are invited to discover and experience the many rituals and customs that have stood the test of time and remain prevalent in Fijian culture today.

Fijian Cooking Classes

Village Visits

Arts and Crafts

Fire Walking Ceremony

Cultural Experiences


Cultural Peformances

Archaeological Sites

Local Markets

Lovo Feast

National Attractions

Meke Performance

Museums & Galleries

Temples & Churches

Festivals & Events

No matter which island you find yourself on, Fijian locals know how to throw a great party that celebrates its unique blend of cultures. Nadi’s Bula Festival epitomises this welcoming atmosphere (the festival’s name translates to ‘Hello’) with a week of lively musical performances, culinary delights and a fantastic parade that the whole family can enjoy.

Bula Festival

Diwali Festival

Fiji Day

Fijian international Jazz & Blues Festival

Hibiscus Festival

Holi (Hindu Festival of Colours)

Karthingal Puja

Lautoka Sugar Festival

South Indian Fire Walking Festival

Thai Pusam

World Music Festival

Food & Drink

Fiji’s culinary scene is a taste explosion of multiple cultural offerings that create an eclectic take on cuisine. Indo-Fijian, Chinese and European influences make their own mark using the unbelievably fresh produce derived from Fiji’s rich volcanic soil, to create exquisite dishes that satisfy even the toughest culinary critic. For a taste of authentic Fiji, add spices, seafood, curries and coconuts to your food checklist and you’re bound to leave salivating for more.


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